Web Design at Work: Interview with Digital Producer Annie Truong

(Credit: Annie Truong)
Annie Truong and her pupper, Sonny. (Credit: Annie Truong)
Annie Truong is a true barbarian: all she needs is MS Project and Excel to storm the gates.
  1. When you’re a freelancer, you don’t have the luxury of a long ramp-up period. Be prepared to learn and adapt to new people/styles/cultures/processes/tools/environments at warp speed.
  2. How liberating it is not to have to do self-evaluations.
  3. How much less fleeting sleep is now.
  4. Everything will work out in the end. (I hope)

Web designer, RPG hobbyist, scifi writer at dquinn.net. Cohost of worldbuildwithus.com. My favorite holiday is Halloween and I believe in Oxford commas.

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